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2023 Astrological Calendar - Printable PDF

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2023 Astrological Calendar - Printable PDF

Millefolium Ink
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This is a printable PDF containing a 12 month calendar, a 12 month schedule and 12 double page spread months with astrological events.

Total number of pages 30 (15 double-sided A4 printed pages).

Margins already include space for punch-holes/staples down the left side of the prints.

Astrological Events are stated in UTC +0

Printable PDF - User Agreement

Personal License

For use in non-commercial use

You can print unlimited copies for yourself, friends and family.

You are not permitted to print copies for commercial purposes (printing copies to sell), or modify and/or distribute without express permission.

General - User Agreement

Prohibited use

You may not share/distribute the product in a way that will lead to us (the author) losing revenue.

You may not use the product as part of a trademark, designmark or similar unless it is a minor element within your own unique design. You may not seek to register/enforce trademark/copyright any part of which you are not the author. In essence, you cannot prohibit the use of the product by other license owners.

You may not falsely claim authorship of the product.

You may not disassemble the product.

You may not use the product in a way that promotes the following:

  • Pornography / Explicit material
  • Illegal Activities
  • Bigotry / Hate Speech
  • Content that may cause emotional or physical distress to person/animal


Attribution is only required when specifying the product in Editorial use. We actively take part in affiliate marketing so please contact us if you are interested in making some dollar signs :)

Auditing & License Termination

We reserve the right to audit any licensee that is suspected of violating the stipulated points above within reasonable notice.

We reserve the right to immediately terminate the product license in the circumstances that any of the stipulated points above are violated.

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