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Sidenote - Font

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Sidenote - Font

Millefolium Ink
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Inspired by roadside lemonade stands, Sidenote is a hand-drawn sans-serif font that feels like a summer afternoon.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously, after all it’s not meant to! Best served with ice and one too many sugar cubes.

Inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, Arcana is a serif font with a magical antique woodcut feel.

Having looked for a font that would work well with Pamela Colman Smith’s beautiful artwork, I decided to make my own.

Please be aware all sales of digital products are final and non-refundable, take your time choosing the right license or feel free to contact us for help.

Font Licenses - User Agreement

Desktop License

For Personal and Commercial use

Use on all completed physical and digital designs in rasterized form. This includes Websites / Web apps / Games / Applications in rasterized form only.

Can be used with Print on Demand apps as long as it is contained in a final project file that is rasterized and not editable.

May not be hosted on servers, please contact us for a Server License.

One individual desktop license is needed for one individual seat. 

Please specify at checkout the name of the license owner to validate this license.

Webfont License

For Personal and Commercial use

May be used on 1 Website / Web app at a time.

Use for embedding font files on a website or web app within the purchased pageview limit.

If you need more pageviews, purchase an additional license to add that number of pageviews to your original license.

All licenses registered to one domain are summed as the overall pageview limit per month, e.g. if you purchased a Webfont 10K license and later an additional Webfont 100K license, your pageview limit per month total is 110,000 views on that registered domain.

Please specify at checkout the domain this license will be used on to validate this license. If you're a designer/developer purchasing the license for a third party, please specify the domain they will use it on.

E-pub License

For Personal and Commercial use

The product may be used within 1 E-pub title.

The product may be embedded in a way that is not extractable.

Please specify at checkout the E-pub Title and E-pub Author/Publisher to validate this license.

App License

For Personal and Commercial use

The product may be used within 1 Application title ported to unlimited platforms (e.g. Windows, Apple, Android, Playstation).

The product may be used for embedding font files within a desktop / mobile / gaming application. Must be embedded in a way that is not extractable.

Cannot be used for Design or Print on Demand applications, please contact us for an individual license.

Please specify at checkout the App Title and App Developer to validate this license.

Other Licenses

If you're looking for a Broadcast License, an Enterprise License, or something different, feel free to contact us, we're happy to work something out :)

General - User Agreement

Prohibited use

You may not share/distribute the product in a way that will lead to us (the author) losing revenue.

You may not use the product as part of a trademark, designmark or similar unless it is a minor element within your own unique design. You may not seek to register/enforce trademark/copyright any part of which you are not the author. In essence, you cannot prohibit the use of the product by other license owners.

You may not falsely claim authorship of the product.

You may not disassemble the product.

You may not use the product in a way that promotes the following:

  • Pornography / Explicit material
  • Illegal Activities
  • Bigotry / Hate Speech
  • Content that may cause emotional or physical distress to person/animal


Attribution is only required when specifying the product in Editorial use. We actively take part in affiliate marketing so please contact us if you are interested in making some dollar signs :)

Auditing & License Termination

We reserve the right to audit any licensee that is suspected of violating the stipulated points above within reasonable notice.

We reserve the right to immediately terminate the product license in the circumstances that any of the stipulated points above are violated.

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